Busy day here,everyone around me is just,I guess, working, and here I am in the middle of all the hustle doing nothing,well not nothing,I am obviously writing this blog which is sort of telling myself that I am doing something.

Now,I don’t even know what I want to write about,this is what happens when you have nothing to do,your mind realizes that you are a pathetic lazy person so it stops giving you ideas because obviously its unfair to the ideas.

Outside,the Sun has decided that it will take the revenge of all the sins that humanity has ever done in just one summer.Honestly it’s so freaking hot that its freaky.

Wednesday today and no Flash,no S.H.I.E.L.D,no Detective Conan,the summer has vapourised all the tv series and I have nothing to watch now except Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasmah which thanks to SAB TV,runs whole day and you can watch it whenever you are bored.

At this present moment I have no idea about the schedule of Indian Cricket team for the next year or so which is a very rare situation considering a cricketholic like me.

By now you must have noticed that I am writing two line paragraphs.What, the Wednesday part? Haven’t you read Chemistry,every rule has an exception.

Recently my interest have shifted to Quora rather than Facebook not because I have any urge of becoming an intellectual but because everything else is blocked on this stupid server.

Another thing that I realized here is how frustrated you can get with your mobile network operator,so frustrated that you can get into a fight with a deaf and dumb person and obviously you can’t win against aa aa naa aaa.(no offense intended).

For those who actually have read this stupid thing upto here,I salute you,now you have can brag about reading worst post of history,history is too much,let’s just keep it this year ok .

Sorry guys for wasting your precious time,I was bored and needed something to somehow make it till 5 which btw has still one hour to go but I guess quora will  have some new content  by now.

Thanks for reading this and you can pour your anger after reading this in the comment box,you can also rate my blog if you want although there is no compulsion.



Finally I watched it.After exactly one week of its release I got to watch the second last episode of one of the best series I have watched,THE FLASH.
The series will see the end of it’s first season tomorrow night,In the past year this series has been,what can I say,SUPER AWESOME!!!From the very first episode,the mystery,the secrets,the truths and lies,the Science,everything was just superb.
Barry’s kindness and heroism,Caitlin’s sad but cute nature,of course Cisco’s nomenclature of the meta humans and Wells’ secrets, all were more than enough to keep you more than interested in the series.Me and my friend RRC got so involved that we did a thorough research on the comics of the flash,watched Flashpoint,came up with various theories which I can’t start to mention here because well,it would take too much time which by the way I definitely have but my IITian mind won’t allow me to use all of it for something good.
Even if we knew that it’s going to happen,watching Barry travelling through time while stopping a Tsunami was just too thrilling.In the later half the story became more clear,secrets came out and it sort of became a direct face off between the scarlet and the yellow speedster but the awesomeness of the series continued to rise to  a higher level with each episode.Well after the 21st episode we saw the trailer for last two episodes and we knew that they were going to be awesome but the fate played a strange game with me.My efforts to get the episode before I left town for my internship did not yield any good.Almost two days of travelling and then straight away going to the company rendered me so tired, but wait no holiday on Sunday,are you kidding me!!!Well I guess that’s what the company demands from you when they are providing you the best of the facilities but wait there again,NO INTERNET,killing us would have been better.Well between this chaos, RRC showed his true colors and spoiled the entire episode for me by telling me almost every main point of the episode and I was like, DUDE PLEASE!!JUST SHUT THE HELL UP.But my interest did not reduce an inch and I set on a search for an Internet cafe which I found quite easily to tell you the truth but you know it’s no fun to watch it in a cafe so I decided to just download it from there but the PCs there were slower than our CAD LAB’S ,IDM always stops working when you need it to work the most,torrent,well there was no software to open the torrent and although I did downloaded almost everyone of them available online but those turtles were not responding you know, so that particular cafe proved useless and I did not have time to search for another one so I came back empty handed.Today when I came back from the plant I was determined to watch the pre finale episode before the finale is released so I set out on another search, this time in the other direction of the market.After walking for a considerable amount of time I found one cafe which was full of yelling as the boys were playing COD which is actually the right thing to do if you are in a cafe,right.So I searched for the least noisy corner and sat down,downloaded the torrent,opened it with utorrent and made sure that it was playing just fine,copied it in a pendrive and came back to the guest house.No matter how much someone spoils it,U just can’t resist the thrill when u see a head on fight between the reverse flash and the flash allies(Flash,Arrow,Firestorm) and the death of reverse flash gave rise to several new theories in my mind and now I just can’t wait to see the season finale tomorrow night which would leave us waiting and wondering till the next season comes up.
If you haven’t watched it yet,Do watch it,I promise, you won’t regret it.


I came back to hostel at 6’o clock after having a terrible exam and straight away went to sleep as I hadn’t slept for the last four days, not because I was studying too much,just that I was unable to sleep even when I tried to.But today was different,the sadness of a horrible exam and the fact that we have a holiday before the next exam made me sleep and sleep very soundly.I woke up at around 2’o clock in the night,driven by hunger went to canteen and strangely enough there was not one person from my batch there.It was weird as normally you can see at least 2-3 persons from my batch there discussing how much syllabus they have covered and how they still don’t know anything .Well,I thought to myself, maybe everyone is sleeping since there is a holiday tomorrow,Let’s eat something and then we too  will sleep again.So after having a Cholla Samosa and Oreo Shake,which was enough to satisfy my hunger I came back to my room and went to sleep straightaway.

I woke up at 8’o clock in the morning and went out to wash my face and I saw my friends all rushing to the mess,discussing the concept of Stock Market,I asked them “DUDE!!! where are you going and what’s with the discussion?”And everybody was like “Yeah,like you don’t know anything” and away they went while continuing their heated discussion and I stood there wondering “What the hell is happening here”,Suddenly my friend Nikhilesh comes shouting at me,”Why are you not ready yet,don’t you have to give the exam”,The shocking  reality which I was denying to myself a few moments ago struck me like lightening which didn’t make me FLASH by the way but I did get ready pretty quickly and on the way my friend told me about how the notice came yesterday evening and the exam was preponed and that’s why everyone had been studying all night.”By the way”,he asked “if you didn’t know about the exam,have you studied anything???” , at the moment I felt like the vibrating hand of Harrison Wells aka Eobard Thawne has ripped my heart apart,I did not know anything,not even the part which I learned during the mid terms but there was no time to mourn, I pulled myself together and told myself that we know what was taught in the class,paying attention in the class will finally payoff and went to the exam center constantly motivating myself.

I kept praying to God for an easy paper but when the invigilator distributed the question paper I realized how evil the world has become and last prayers don’t work anymore and in an engineering exam you can’t solve a single problem based on only your class knowledge.All these highly important life lessons came to me in a flash but it was too late.I don’t even know what I wrote in the answer sheet if anything.I came out of the exam center and started walking quickly so that I get ahead of all those people for whom the papers are always easy or the people who never have  a bad day,I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t notice the car from the turn ahead which collided with me head on.

I woke up suddenly only to see myself in my room,time was 8:10 a.m in the morning,it took me a second  to realize that it was all just a nightmare and I was so relieved but just to be sure I rushed to my Friend’s room,woke him up and asked him “Today is a holiday, right?” and he replied,”You woke me up for that,Dude! you have gone insane,let me sleep.”And I stood there thinking maybe I really have  gone insane and slept again to get rid of my insanity!!!


This particular article is dedicated to all my wonderful classmates who made it possible to play a high quality cricket match which I had wanted to play since coming to IIT.Although I have played other matches but this was different.It had all kinds of feelings mixed in it,the desire to win,the insult of losing,the cheering,the hooting etc.

The match started with my team batting first and believe me it’s not a cakewalk to bat after 5 months of break in front of your heartless teammates who were waiting to get their turn and were ready to tear you apart if you miss a ball(not actually heartless but desire to bat can make you one).But after 2-3 overs I started getting hang of it and ended up playing quite okay and also I would like to appreciate newly discovered talent “Aman Srivastava” who played quite nicely and we had a nice partnership going together.

Well finally I had to leave crease after 7-8 overs I guess because there were just too many players to bat but thanks to their hooting I gained some form.And “Hanishek” my friend,you bowled pretty well, although your hattrick was kind of over weighed by the four sixes that were hit off your bowling.Hats off “Indana”,you made everyone in the crowd jump in the air.

Well about our bowling I am literally out of words,I mean our bowling was far worse than I imagined.Including myself,our bowlers gave at least 30-40 runs only through wides thanks to “Lalit” who hit some off them behind square to get 2 runs instead of a wide otherwise that number could have been far worse.”Dhruv pachauri”,how can I forget you.You are a good fielder but this time but your captaincy made a huge difference in the match.Your energetic shouting after every ball was the driving force of your team which led you to victory.Yeah,yeah I accept that we lost the match even though it was stopped due to bad light but it was pretty obvious who was gonna win.

A heartly thanks to all those people who didn’t get a chance to play but were still there to cheer for their side and their cheers helped the players to get over their tiredness and play well.Special thanks to the girls for cheering,I think everybody played a little better than their usual just because you were cheering for them.And “Sahil”,that was a no ball.”Yash” and “Naresh”,you two were awesome umpires,without you a fair game wouldn’t have been possible.

In the end thanks to all my classmates for such a happy  and exciting memory.Let’s play another game sometime soon.


BCCI is going to announce the INDIAN team for the upcoming world cup on coming tuesday,so,here I am gonna pick my preferred squad . Now,all my selections will be based on the current form of the players ,match conditions and there will be no biased choices.

First for the batting department………

1. Shikhar Dhawan: Although he is not in a very good form  but still the first choice as an opener and his experience from the current tour of Australia will help him in putting up a good show(Hopefully).

2. Rohit Sharma:Talentwise the best player of Team India.His current form in ODIs has been excellent(don’t forget 264) and he is at his best when ball is coming on to the bat fast and high so suited for conditions and believe me if India is to win the cup,he will be among the top scorers .

3. Virat Kohli:Undoubtedly the best player of the team and his ability to score big runs especially during chasing is unmatched.Also his current form on the Australian tour has been superb.In other words he is the key to India’s victory.

4.Ajinkya Rahane:very technically correct and consistent batsman.He will be the pillar of Indian middle order and will be required to set the tempo for the lower order batsman.

5.Suresh Raina:A very capable batsman in the shorter version of the game and a batsman who never allows the run rate to fall down which is very crucial.Also the best fielder of the the team.However he will be facing some serious chin music on the bouncy pitches.

6.Mahendra Singh Dhoni:good pair of hands behind the wickets and also a good enough captain in the format and his finishing skill which are said to be unparalleled in the world will be required in the ending overs to get a big score.However he will be under immense pressure due to his poor record in overseas conditions.

7. R jadeja:His all round play is an important factor in the team.Very economic bowling and the ability to hit big shots in the ending overs added to his athletic fielding makes him an clear choice.We will talk about his injury speculations at the end.

8.Ambati Rayudu:A very talented player and a very good record in the IPL but the main reason for his selection is that he can act as the wicketkeeper if by any chance Msd gets injured.For many of you Robin Uthappa might be the one but for me Rayudu is the pick simply because he has been in the team for an year almost(not in playing XI though) while robin has been more in and out.

9. M Vijay: surprised!!!!Well,considering the poor form of Dhawan and Vijay’s surprisingly good show in the current down under tour it shouldn’t be that big a surprise to pick him as the third opener.

Now for the bowling section:

10. B Kumar:best bowler of the current bowling line up of the team.His very economic bowling and ability to strike early with the new ball will be the key for India.


11. Mhd Shami:Second new ball bowler with a good pace and swing.Also his death bowling is  better than all the other Indian bowlers.

12.Ishant Sharma:most experienced bowler of the team and he will have the responsibility to lead the young bowling from the front.His good record in Australia will do him some good.

13.Umesh Yadav: fast wicket taking bowler but expensive.If only he can control his line a little bit he will prove an important weapon  in the upcoming world cup.

14. R Ashwin: main spinner of the team despite his poor show in the overseas conditions.Well we can just hope he will bowl a little better in the world cup because if he doesn’t , then India is going to have a tough time in the field.

15. Akshar Patel:It was tough to pick this one but he is my preference over karan sharma because karan sharma is a wrist spinner and in my view without much turn on the pitches he will just prove to be a run leakage machine.Patel on the other hand can bowl wicket to wicket and keep the runs in check.

Now, regarding jadeja’s injury,if he misses out, we need to pick a replacement.Just to be clear and for those who don’t know, the replacement can be outside of the 30 men squad as per Icc rules and regulations.

My pick is..

16.YUVRAJ SINGH:C’mon guys!don’t be so rude.He actually did win us two world cups (2007 T20 & 2011) and his current form in the domestic circuit has been exceptional.Also his experience and part time bowling gives him an edge over the others.

This is my own view guys.You can mention any change you want in the comment box and let’s hope that India will defend their title on the Australian Island


Why do we fall?

Every time I see batman it inspires me in a very amazing way and of course all those who have watched it already know the answer of the question in consideration,isn’t it?“Why do we fall ,so that we can learn to pick ourselves up”.

You know this motto is good enough on its own to keep you moving ahead in your life.It’s just that we never really try to honestly imply it.The history tells us that all the great people whom we take as our ideals have taken number of falls  to the ground before they learnt to fly high and steady in the sky.Very essay sort of line,huh?But it is true.

There are times when everything starts getting away from us.No matter how hard we try we just keep falling with acceleration much greater than g and when we hit the ground it hurts,and it hurts so badly that you just want to lie down there and never get up again,but you know thats the only challenge we got to win from destiny because when we beat destiny in our weakest state we make it to bow to us and thats when we take control of the things.

I often hear people say that we tried to rise but we failed .I just want to say that you can’t expect to rise up in an instant after being fallen so hard.You are hurt,remember?Give yourselves time ,motivation and dedication and keep trying until you force to the heaven king to pick you up.And once you are up , put all your effort to make yourselves ready not to prevent you from from falling but to make you strong enough to pick yourselves up because falling is not a crime ,its just an indication that you need to improve. You can watch any superhero movie you will find that no superhero is able to use his powers completely from the beginning but he learns it , masters it and then he become the actual  superhero which we all wanna see.

The whole point of this blog is to help myself and others to help in getting over their mistakes and get going again.

Always remember “We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up”.

You are more beautiful than you think ……

Brainless Introspection

Another blog post inspired by a creative but also which forces one to think about it. A Dove ad which emphasizes on a very important topic – Self Image , uncovers a harsh truth about us. Self Image as the name suggests is the Image that you make of yourself i.e. the image you have of yourself in your mind. And this is a very important aspect as the choices you make, the way you behave, your thoughts, your actions are very much influenced by this simple thing. Beauty is not only the external features but is the overall representation of a person. One may not believe but beauty is affected by both inside and outside. This was a simple experiment carried out by the famous personal care firm to find out what we think of ourselves and what we really are. As you can see the results are shocking.

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