MSDhoni: Now told Story

Despite all the work I need to do and the PPTs that I need to make,  I watched the movie, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.  You may question my sincerity here but cricket always triumphs studies, always. So I sat down and started the movie.

The movie starts with the iconic walk in the 2011 World Cup Final, good start, I said to myself. It then jumps to Dhoni’s Childhood. That part of the movie was pretty good except the scenes where they would show Dhoni trying to practice like a sound technical player. Dhoni is not good in purely technical terms and he never was. Every player who makes a name for himself in the world has a lot of people behind him supporting him at every point of his life and Dhoni is no different. The portrayal of his friends, family,  and other acquaintances  was although very good, may not be completely accurate. The scene where Mr. A.K Ganguly compares life with Cricket to impart some wisdom to Dhoni is awesome. The true lovers of cricket will always understand the importance of what was taught to us in that scene. At the point where I am currently in my life with all the Placement stress and all,  that one scene was enough to relieve the pressure for some time. I really liked the fact that when Dhoni understood where they lost the U-19 Match against Yuvraj Singh. Not many people will not understand that and you really need to be into cricket to understand that Matches are not always won on the ground, sometimes off the ground encounters goes a long way in deciding the course of the match.

Next phase is when Dhoni enters Team India. The fact is to be appreciated they did not start this phase with Dhoni’s century, in general movies tend to glorify such parts no matter how far it is from reality. For all those who may have believed it, let me clarify, The Captain does not call you at your Hotel Room to tell you that you are selected in the team, there are team meetings for a reason.

The first time when Priyanka meets Dhoni is just so adorable. She enters the heart of the every viewer with her line, “You know what, You will play and you will have a great game.”

If you didn’t like after that, there is something wrong with you. The Priyanka character is sweet, adorable and a pleasant surprise as I did not know that part of Dhoni’s life. “Kaun Tujhe” is one of the sweetest songs I have heard this year, but how messed up you have to be to kill such a sweet character in the middle of the song and then they continue with the song. I generally don’t like when the characters I like die but killing her in the middle os the song was much much worse. Not Cool, Neeraj Pandey, Not Cool.

I am really glad that they did not show giving last over to Joginder Sharma as some genius move by Dhoni, if they had I would have stopped watching it precisely at that moment. Another disappointment when they showed CB Series final and they conveniently left out the contribution of everyone including Sachin’s vital Innings and showed only shots of Dhoni, I mean I understand it is his movie but to portray it like he won the match for us was totally out of line. I am refraining myself  from commenting on Dhoni’s decision to show the way out to three important players as that is too controversial and I am not about to write three paragraphs here about why that was an egoistic and nowhere near a Genius move.

No matter how many times I watch the world cup final I still cheer like I am watching it for the first time. It just can not be helped.

I may not like Dhoni, but I really liked the movie so I would recommend the movie to everyone who hasn’t watched this although I am pretty late to the party and I am sure most people have watched this.

Leaving you with this beautiful song, see you next time.



2 thoughts on “MSDhoni: Now told Story

  1. thelawxopedia says:

    Amazing movie…although i have not seen it yet..But ,the


  2. thelawxopedia says:

    The trailer says it all!


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