Virat Kohli: The man who can do no wrong

If you have followed Indian cricket a little bit or even if you don’t follow and just have heard about it from your friends you would know that there is one player who has been played inhumane cricket since the beginning of the year.

Yes you guessed it right,I am talking about the most popular cricketer of India at present i.e.  Virat Kohli. I have to admit I was never a fan of Kohli,infact I always thought if Rohit Sharma just become a little more consistent he is a far better and destructive batsman.But this man in just few months changed my mind.Now I have no problem saying it,He is the best batsman of the world right now and no matter if this form of his continues or not,he has played so well that this season of his will go down in the history as one of the best season of any batsmen.

Name: Virat Kohli

Year: 2016

Matches: 26(25 Innings-T20)

Run: 1490 

Average: 99.33

Yes you read it right,an average of almost 100 in T20s,other than the fact that this sort of average is  not at all easy to achieve even in Tests,this is also  awesome because this shows that the guy just never gets out,he wins matches by himself,he finishes the innings,he does not leave it to others,that is the quality that made me his fan.And don’t think for a second that he may be playing slow or something,his strike rate is close to 150,yes 150 is higher than Dhoni,Raina and some other players who some of my friends consider the best finishers.

I think you all will agree with me on this that he singlehandedly took India to the semis of the world cup and with a little help from ABD he was responsible for RCB jumping from the 6th position to 2nd position and the team which wasn’t sure to reach the knockouts and now they are in a position where they can afford to lose a match although I am sure Kohli is no mood of losing.

If you want to experience what kind of player he is,just look into his eyes when he is on the field,you will see the intensity,determination and the zeal to win. Kohli may be seen as a aggressive player,maybe little more aggressive than Sourav Ganguly but the way he has channeled  his aggression into his play is highly commendable. The best thing about Kohli is he is never afraid to take on a challenge,the difficult the situation,better he is.It seems like his performance is directly proportional to the pressure on him or his team.

When I am praising him so much,I have to include something about his cover drives,I mean it’s not possible to not mention those drives and inside-outs which make you jump. I would go ahead and say that at the moment he is the best driver in the business and Cricket has never seen such cover drives from any other player other than the God.

It is obvious that he won’t be in the same form forever but he has already scored runs that other players dream to score in the whole year,he has done it in four months,I am pretty sure he will break the record of breaking most number of records in a year.Hopefully he will keep playing like this for as long as possible and India will surely ride on his shoulders.Right now every single individual in the country loves Kohli except RCB cheerleaders,they obviously hate him for obvious reasons,Some of them might sue him as he is making them work more than what they are paid for.



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