Now before I say anything this post is not meant to disrespect anyone of my fellow students,I  know how much hard work everyone is doing so please don’t be offended by this post.I am writing this post in response to the violence in  one of the most prominent cities in my Home state Haryana.

Reservation,I think this word has caused more trouble than help in the past few years.

How stupid do you have to be to burn your own home.I mean these people have surpassed all levels of insanity,if I try to breakdown their thinking and I am just guessing this is how they think “We are asking for something we deserve and going to any lengths to get what we deserve is perfectly ok”. So let me just ask if you are getting reservation so that your children can get a seat in college,what is the point of it if you burn down the college.So you want jobs but you are burning all the offices so where do you suppose you will get jobs,rebuilding them???  These people even burnt the ambulances which were taking the injured to the hospital,I mean there has to be some limit right??? No these people know no limits and even now they must be thinking what they did was perfectly justified as they were fighting for their rights.

Yeah now let me talk about the actual people which was responsible for this,now I know the entire Jaat community was not involved in this and there are always some elements in the society which you can not control but still this community 20 years ago was fighting for equal status with the Brahmins and the Baniyas and now they are fighting for reservation,they are contradicting themselves  without even realizing it.This community is according to stats is the richest in Haryana with largest share of land and wealth of the state.They have more population than any other community which ensures more participation in the political matters of the State.Every decision that is taken by the government  involves consideration from their representatives.This is like people with the biggest house in the city asking the government to provide them free homes because they are less privileged.And they are so corrupted in mind that they think they have to show their power to get reservation,now who is to tell them that Reservation was meant to be for the people who didn’t have power like they do and don’t have resources ,like they do.No, they just want it because pretty much everyone else has got it,In Haryana the current reservation in jobs and education is around 60%,it was 70% at one time.I have personally known people who couldn’t get in the prestigious medical and engineering colleges in Haryana despite having double the score  of their friends in other categories.Now I am not blaming people for using reservation,ofcourse if you are getting the advantage not using it is again stupidity but burning people’s homes and shops just for the sake of it,how justified is that.Not many people realize this but there were people whose single source of  income was their shops or restaurants which are now burnt.Analyst are telling that Rohtak has gone back 20 years,so much for being integral part of development.

20000 crores lost in 7 days,not a single one of those protesters or even combined all of them have the  ability to return that money in their entire lifetime no matter how much reservation they get.Actually whole reservation policy is flawed,no matter how much we argue we know that undeserving people who don’t need any favors are using it and the needy people who are actually short on resources and exposure can not use it because well you are in General category,sorry.Political parties know this general public knows this,pretty much every  person in this democracy know that the current policy is complete bullshit but no one has the guts to raise voice against it.Political parties ofcourse have to take care of their votebanks,general category  people know this so they just want to avoid any troubles and they just ask their children to study harder,”beta koi bat nhi or mehnet krke or number le aa taki ye reservation ka cover ho jaye.”

Please don’t take this post as an insult to anyone until unless you are one of those airheads who are proud of burning your own city,this post is definitely meant to insult you.Hopefully since these people have got what they wanted they will send their children to schools where they will actually learn something and we won’t have to see such shameful and heart rending incident ever again.







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