Its Over….

A big thud woke me up.Surrounded by a lot of people,lying,don’t remember the the place.One person who looked like a very kind person came to me and said,”It’s Over Son”.I was like,what???What is over? I tried to stand,it was painful but I did manage to stand.I asked him again,”What’s Over?”

His reply made me shiver,I had the same feeling when something gets stuck in your throat and you can’t get it out.He said “Your Life is over,your time is over”.I calmed myself(actually just gathered the strength to speak),”What are you saying,What is this place,I was just going to my class. I am just 20 years old,I haven’t even graduated.”

“20 years is a long time isn’t it,even the projects of Government don’t take that much time,why do you want more?”

“What do you mean why,My life was just starting,I would have graduated in a year and a half,that’s where my life would have actually started,all I did upto now is study,I never got a chance to live my life did I?”

“What would you have done after you graduated,you would have got a job,earned money and then have a family and then retire in another 20 years,we thought someone else would make a much better use of those 20 years.”

“I am an IITian,I would have certainly made a better use of my time,how can you decide my entire life.I would have done something meaningful.”

“IITian,hahahaha,I am sick of hearing those words,even you know in your heart that those words mean nothing,what did you learn you in IIT.If you ask me I liked you better when you were in school,You were cheerful,passionate,energetic and you looked like this person would do something great,then you went to that place,what do they say,yeah factory where doctors and engineers are produced ,Kota.You didn’t smile,you didn’t look up,always in the books,even then I thought that atleast you are on a mission and you are determined but now look at you.Living incomprehensibly,you look like a lonely sad person walking on a road which leads to nowhere,infact you should thank me,I just did you a favor.”

For a moment I froze,I did not know what to say,my hands were shaking,afterall deep down I knew whatever he was saying was correct.

They say you are what  you are,but you don’t have to be.This line from the song “Immortals” crossed my mind.Maybe I did miss out,maybe I did become someone unworthy of this beautiful gift called Life.

“What are you thinking ,now is not the time to think,its time for you to let go,accept your fate,be happy.”

“Be happy,how can you expect me to be happy when I was ripped off my dreams.And what about the people who loved me,My family.”

“Dreams,no,you had no dreams and even if there were they were not worthy.As far your family is concerned they will mourn,I know but after some weeks or maybe months they will get on with life.You see my son,you made a fatal mistake,you didn’t realize the power of time,Time will take care of your family,you don’t need to worry about them.”

I was on my knees,the truth sunk in,I realized nothing can be done now,This is it.Tears came in my eyes as some beautiful memories and some not so good memories rushed through my mind.My father complaining about my writing and being rescued by my loving mother and then constant bickering with my sister.That broken hand in a fight,that scary tall person coming to me to say “Well Played”,I smiled.

I stood up,accepted my fate “So,what now?”

“Now you will be taken to the court,your complete life will be reviewed,you will have to pass the interview taken by the court panel to get a seat at heaven.Here is a helping book,I suggest you start reading it if you want to clear that interview.”

Gave me a book titled “Going to Heaven,Made Easy”.

I smiled,gave the book back to him,”I don’t need it now,this time I will follow my heart,don’t really care about heaven or hell.I literally spent my entire life studying.Not anymore.”

A bold voice came from behind “Mr. Sam,you are wanted inside.”

I bid goodbye to the Death God and made my way towards the court.

“It’s Over”,I said with a smile.He nodded with a smile as I made my way towards the court.

“It’s Over.”

PS: This is some random person Sam so please don’t associate whatever is said above to my life or anyone else’s life.I am still alive because ghosts don’t write blogs,remember.



7 thoughts on “Its Over….

  1. manisha says:

    incredible blog,touched my heart


  2. APRIL Speaks says:

    You made sense there Sam. It’s touching. What do we really live for? How do we live our lives? You just made me realize that I should do everthinf that makes me happy. The things that really matter to me and not just what is customary to life.


  3. Anne Cohen says:

    This was a wonderful post! So deep, so real.


  4. Hellion says:

    Life is over in the blink of an be and do what makes you feel joy!


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