Artificial Intelligence-Glimpse of Future

Artificial Intelligence plays a bigger role in our lives than many of us realize. Navigation systems in cars,Credit Card Authorization system, Personal Assistant on our smartphones and PCs, all are example of AI.AI is based on the notion that knowledge and thoughts can be represented and manipulated through computer algorithms. In the recent times AI has become more popular with the insurgence of “Siri” or “Cortana”,the famous personal assistants on the smartphones courtesy of Apple and Microsoft respectively. The ability of these PAs to understand not just the human language but the feelings hidden among the words has brought a new glimpse of future. Another exciting quality these assistants have is their thought process that you feel like you are talking to a human being not a computer. In fact in a few years we will start taking this incredible advancement of technology for granted.

Most artificial intelligence experts now take it as a given that AI will play a much greater role in our lives in the future, with predictions of increasingly sophisticated, autonomous robots that will reduce life’s drudgery and interact with us in a more user-friendly way. But it’s still a long way to go as even if we can completely mimic a human brain it might be still be possible that it may not be as smart way to think.AI is exciting ,thrilling for some people even scary but one thing is for sure, we are in for some surprises in the near future and one such early surprise is Niki, Niki is the first AI-fueled smart-purchasing assistant in the entire world, with the aim to both revolutionize customer interaction and redefine the buying experience as a whole. We use e-commerce a lot infact it’s the fastest growing sector in the world. But it’s confusing and exhausting to go through so many products and then select one and pay for it. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone or something can do that for us. Well the wait is over because that’s exactly what Niki is here to do.  Niki is designed to understand advanced communication and simple text-speak, adapting to every user’s preferences and creating the ideal AI-to-human interaction. Just think of her as your best friend willing to take off all your tensions.Well with the advancements in AI, especially Niki we can now safely say “You are not alone anymore”.


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