6 Reasons for India’s Downthrow In Bangladesh

  1.  India has been relying on their top three too much,all her victories in the recent years have come when the top three has performed(atleast one of them plays a long innings),but this time In the 2 matches they have together scored 170 runs,pathetic, right? And we never expected anything from the lower order,did we???Of course not that would be stupid.
  2.  Virat Kohli,a year back people were so obsessed with him that they start calling him the best player of the world.But ever since the England tour he has been off and on and recently have been  completely disappointing.Great players have always one thing in common,they learn from their mistakes,You do see where I am going with this right?To add to this his aggression,everybody was saying that sooner or later his aggression will be used against him but he never learnt.I am not saying aggression is bad,but aggression without performance sound like ego(way too much).Hopefully he will learn soon because if he doesn’t Indian cricket is in trouble,deep deep trouble.
  3.  MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN: This man literally humiliated the Indian Batting,with 11 wickets in 2 matches he broke the backbone of Indian batting.For me he was the biggest reason for India’s loss.A new bowler from Bangladesh,totally underestimated by the Indians,he taught them the most basic lesson of cricket,NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT.No fear,Pace,Aggression,sledging,everything a good fast bowler need to have.Well Played!!!
  4.  Ravindra Jadeja: I don’t even know why he is in the team.Earlier I used to joke about this but now I am seriously thinking that being CSK player is good enough to be in Indian national team,if not that then just continue to be a friend of captain and no matter how useless you are for the team you will get a place.
  5.  Indian Bowling:Not taking any credit away from the Bangladesh batting,I think they batted extremely well like matured players but still Indian Bowling was too ordinary. B. kumar has not been reliable in this series,he was so good in the IPL,I don’t know what happened to him.He lost the battle with his counterpart,quiet badly I would say and that put a dent in the entire team’s confidence.He was good in the first match but completely disappointing in the second.I am not saying he bowled very poorly,I am just saying he was supposed to bowl like the lead bowler and he didn’t. Umesh Yadav and Dhawal kulkarni were both disappointing.Same is the case with other bowlers.
  6.  Change,Sometimes you don’t need to:After the loss in the  first match the team management was so panicked they made some horrible changes or I don’t know their stupid rotation policy was put in effect.How can you keep the only consistent player of your team on the bench,makes no sense at all.Why changing the batting order so much,it was not required but hey,I am not the wonder Captain.

As an Indian fan it hurts to see the world semi-finalist to lose to a much weaker team(who played excellent cricket btw,not taking any credit away) without even a fight.And Yes I am not going to criticize Dhoni here(I did a little,no),Sometimes your team plays so badly as a Captain you just can’t do anything.

Hopefully India will recover soon from this downfall and will start giving the fans something to cheer upon.


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