Busy day here,everyone around me is just,I guess, working, and here I am in the middle of all the hustle doing nothing,well not nothing,I am obviously writing this blog which is sort of telling myself that I am doing something.

Now,I don’t even know what I want to write about,this is what happens when you have nothing to do,your mind realizes that you are a pathetic lazy person so it stops giving you ideas because obviously its unfair to the ideas.

Outside,the Sun has decided that it will take the revenge of all the sins that humanity has ever done in just one summer.Honestly it’s so freaking hot that its freaky.

Wednesday today and no Flash,no S.H.I.E.L.D,no Detective Conan,the summer has vapourised all the tv series and I have nothing to watch now except Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasmah which thanks to SAB TV,runs whole day and you can watch it whenever you are bored.

At this present moment I have no idea about the schedule of Indian Cricket team for the next year or so which is a very rare situation considering a cricketholic like me.

By now you must have noticed that I am writing two line paragraphs.What, the Wednesday part? Haven’t you read Chemistry,every rule has an exception.

Recently my interest have shifted to Quora rather than Facebook not because I have any urge of becoming an intellectual but because everything else is blocked on this stupid server.

Another thing that I realized here is how frustrated you can get with your mobile network operator,so frustrated that you can get into a fight with a deaf and dumb person and obviously you can’t win against aa aa naa aaa.(no offense intended).

For those who actually have read this stupid thing upto here,I salute you,now you have can brag about reading worst post of history,history is too much,let’s just keep it this year ok .

Sorry guys for wasting your precious time,I was bored and needed something to somehow make it till 5 which btw has still one hour to go but I guess quora will  have some new content  by now.

Thanks for reading this and you can pour your anger after reading this in the comment box,you can also rate my blog if you want although there is no compulsion.


2 thoughts on “RANDOM 2-LINER

  1. Shefali says:

    Hey Pankaj! Amazing how you get such a lot of time!
    Anyway many thanks i was not getting any sleep but this blog…. Well, it did wonders 😉
    Tell you the truth, I think you could christen this better…
    Didn’t know you had that midas touch….
    PS Now see what you have done!
    I too have got into the habit of two-liners!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not quite sure whether its a compliment or criticism


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