Finally I watched it.After exactly one week of its release I got to watch the second last episode of one of the best series I have watched,THE FLASH.
The series will see the end of it’s first season tomorrow night,In the past year this series has been,what can I say,SUPER AWESOME!!!From the very first episode,the mystery,the secrets,the truths and lies,the Science,everything was just superb.
Barry’s kindness and heroism,Caitlin’s sad but cute nature,of course Cisco’s nomenclature of the meta humans and Wells’ secrets, all were more than enough to keep you more than interested in the series.Me and my friend RRC got so involved that we did a thorough research on the comics of the flash,watched Flashpoint,came up with various theories which I can’t start to mention here because well,it would take too much time which by the way I definitely have but my IITian mind won’t allow me to use all of it for something good.
Even if we knew that it’s going to happen,watching Barry travelling through time while stopping a Tsunami was just too thrilling.In the later half the story became more clear,secrets came out and it sort of became a direct face off between the scarlet and the yellow speedster but the awesomeness of the series continued to rise to  a higher level with each episode.Well after the 21st episode we saw the trailer for last two episodes and we knew that they were going to be awesome but the fate played a strange game with me.My efforts to get the episode before I left town for my internship did not yield any good.Almost two days of travelling and then straight away going to the company rendered me so tired, but wait no holiday on Sunday,are you kidding me!!!Well I guess that’s what the company demands from you when they are providing you the best of the facilities but wait there again,NO INTERNET,killing us would have been better.Well between this chaos, RRC showed his true colors and spoiled the entire episode for me by telling me almost every main point of the episode and I was like, DUDE PLEASE!!JUST SHUT THE HELL UP.But my interest did not reduce an inch and I set on a search for an Internet cafe which I found quite easily to tell you the truth but you know it’s no fun to watch it in a cafe so I decided to just download it from there but the PCs there were slower than our CAD LAB’S ,IDM always stops working when you need it to work the most,torrent,well there was no software to open the torrent and although I did downloaded almost everyone of them available online but those turtles were not responding you know, so that particular cafe proved useless and I did not have time to search for another one so I came back empty handed.Today when I came back from the plant I was determined to watch the pre finale episode before the finale is released so I set out on another search, this time in the other direction of the market.After walking for a considerable amount of time I found one cafe which was full of yelling as the boys were playing COD which is actually the right thing to do if you are in a cafe,right.So I searched for the least noisy corner and sat down,downloaded the torrent,opened it with utorrent and made sure that it was playing just fine,copied it in a pendrive and came back to the guest house.No matter how much someone spoils it,U just can’t resist the thrill when u see a head on fight between the reverse flash and the flash allies(Flash,Arrow,Firestorm) and the death of reverse flash gave rise to several new theories in my mind and now I just can’t wait to see the season finale tomorrow night which would leave us waiting and wondering till the next season comes up.
If you haven’t watched it yet,Do watch it,I promise, you won’t regret it.


10 thoughts on “ME & “THE FLASH”

  1. One correction, he isnt dead he was drugged. I guess you can guess it from the trailer.

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  2. akhil18 says:

    Luks like u r “FLASHicted”…

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  3. nuneyabizz says:

    is this what is called a spoiler post ?


  4. Julia says:

    I love ‘The Flash’…watched every episode:)


  5. Love the Flash!! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Em says:

    I’ve never seen The Flash – I’ll sure to be checking it out soon though. Em


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