I came back to hostel at 6’o clock after having a terrible exam and straight away went to sleep as I hadn’t slept for the last four days, not because I was studying too much,just that I was unable to sleep even when I tried to.But today was different,the sadness of a horrible exam and the fact that we have a holiday before the next exam made me sleep and sleep very soundly.I woke up at around 2’o clock in the night,driven by hunger went to canteen and strangely enough there was not one person from my batch there.It was weird as normally you can see at least 2-3 persons from my batch there discussing how much syllabus they have covered and how they still don’t know anything .Well,I thought to myself, maybe everyone is sleeping since there is a holiday tomorrow,Let’s eat something and then we too  will sleep again.So after having a Cholla Samosa and Oreo Shake,which was enough to satisfy my hunger I came back to my room and went to sleep straightaway.

I woke up at 8’o clock in the morning and went out to wash my face and I saw my friends all rushing to the mess,discussing the concept of Stock Market,I asked them “DUDE!!! where are you going and what’s with the discussion?”And everybody was like “Yeah,like you don’t know anything” and away they went while continuing their heated discussion and I stood there wondering “What the hell is happening here”,Suddenly my friend Nikhilesh comes shouting at me,”Why are you not ready yet,don’t you have to give the exam”,The shocking  reality which I was denying to myself a few moments ago struck me like lightening which didn’t make me FLASH by the way but I did get ready pretty quickly and on the way my friend told me about how the notice came yesterday evening and the exam was preponed and that’s why everyone had been studying all night.”By the way”,he asked “if you didn’t know about the exam,have you studied anything???” , at the moment I felt like the vibrating hand of Harrison Wells aka Eobard Thawne has ripped my heart apart,I did not know anything,not even the part which I learned during the mid terms but there was no time to mourn, I pulled myself together and told myself that we know what was taught in the class,paying attention in the class will finally payoff and went to the exam center constantly motivating myself.

I kept praying to God for an easy paper but when the invigilator distributed the question paper I realized how evil the world has become and last prayers don’t work anymore and in an engineering exam you can’t solve a single problem based on only your class knowledge.All these highly important life lessons came to me in a flash but it was too late.I don’t even know what I wrote in the answer sheet if anything.I came out of the exam center and started walking quickly so that I get ahead of all those people for whom the papers are always easy or the people who never have  a bad day,I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t notice the car from the turn ahead which collided with me head on.

I woke up suddenly only to see myself in my room,time was 8:10 a.m in the morning,it took me a second  to realize that it was all just a nightmare and I was so relieved but just to be sure I rushed to my Friend’s room,woke him up and asked him “Today is a holiday, right?” and he replied,”You woke me up for that,Dude! you have gone insane,let me sleep.”And I stood there thinking maybe I really have  gone insane and slept again to get rid of my insanity!!!



  1. akhil18 says:

    If such ni8mares continue, i’ll advice u to be dreamless just like ur blog voiceless…..:-D..
    Btw good way of expression….


  2. thanks,if it would be in my control to be dreamless i definitely would be


  3. Deepanshu Sharma says:

    Such a nightmare is must…..after that the happiness, that you feel is just awesome……

    Liked by 1 person

  4. nuneyabizz says:

    having never been needing to pass an exam, i truly hope that it was just a nightmare and you passed the course with flying colors.


  5. Stellah Charles says:

    I hope you pass your exam….i like your good way of expression


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