This particular article is dedicated to all my wonderful classmates who made it possible to play a high quality cricket match which I had wanted to play since coming to IIT.Although I have played other matches but this was different.It had all kinds of feelings mixed in it,the desire to win,the insult of losing,the cheering,the hooting etc.

The match started with my team batting first and believe me it’s not a cakewalk to bat after 5 months of break in front of your heartless teammates who were waiting to get their turn and were ready to tear you apart if you miss a ball(not actually heartless but desire to bat can make you one).But after 2-3 overs I started getting hang of it and ended up playing quite okay and also I would like to appreciate newly discovered talent “Aman Srivastava” who played quite nicely and we had a nice partnership going together.

Well finally I had to leave crease after 7-8 overs I guess because there were just too many players to bat but thanks to their hooting I gained some form.And “Hanishek” my friend,you bowled pretty well, although your hattrick was kind of over weighed by the four sixes that were hit off your bowling.Hats off “Indana”,you made everyone in the crowd jump in the air.

Well about our bowling I am literally out of words,I mean our bowling was far worse than I imagined.Including myself,our bowlers gave at least 30-40 runs only through wides thanks to “Lalit” who hit some off them behind square to get 2 runs instead of a wide otherwise that number could have been far worse.”Dhruv pachauri”,how can I forget you.You are a good fielder but this time but your captaincy made a huge difference in the match.Your energetic shouting after every ball was the driving force of your team which led you to victory.Yeah,yeah I accept that we lost the match even though it was stopped due to bad light but it was pretty obvious who was gonna win.

A heartly thanks to all those people who didn’t get a chance to play but were still there to cheer for their side and their cheers helped the players to get over their tiredness and play well.Special thanks to the girls for cheering,I think everybody played a little better than their usual just because you were cheering for them.And “Sahil”,that was a no ball.”Yash” and “Naresh”,you two were awesome umpires,without you a fair game wouldn’t have been possible.

In the end thanks to all my classmates for such a happy  and exciting memory.Let’s play another game sometime soon.



  1. Ruhi Gill says:

    nicely written nd Welcome !!


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