Why do we fall?

Every time I see batman it inspires me in a very amazing way and of course all those who have watched it already know the answer of the question in consideration,isn’t it?“Why do we fall ,so that we can learn to pick ourselves up”.

You know this motto is good enough on its own to keep you moving ahead in your life.It’s just that we never really try to honestly imply it.The history tells us that all the great people whom we take as our ideals have taken number of falls  to the ground before they learnt to fly high and steady in the sky.Very essay sort of line,huh?But it is true.

There are times when everything starts getting away from us.No matter how hard we try we just keep falling with acceleration much greater than g and when we hit the ground it hurts,and it hurts so badly that you just want to lie down there and never get up again,but you know thats the only challenge we got to win from destiny because when we beat destiny in our weakest state we make it to bow to us and thats when we take control of the things.

I often hear people say that we tried to rise but we failed .I just want to say that you can’t expect to rise up in an instant after being fallen so hard.You are hurt,remember?Give yourselves time ,motivation and dedication and keep trying until you force to the heaven king to pick you up.And once you are up , put all your effort to make yourselves ready not to prevent you from from falling but to make you strong enough to pick yourselves up because falling is not a crime ,its just an indication that you need to improve. You can watch any superhero movie you will find that no superhero is able to use his powers completely from the beginning but he learns it , masters it and then he become the actual  superhero which we all wanna see.

The whole point of this blog is to help myself and others to help in getting over their mistakes and get going again.

Always remember “We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up”.


5 thoughts on “Why do we fall?

  1. Kshitij says:

    An honest attempt.


  2. rlstambaugh says:

    If we don’t have bad things happen or fail, we will never see the good ones..


  3. Juliana Chow says:

    Great post! Very encouraging 🙂


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