You are more beautiful than you think ……

Brainless Introspection

Another blog post inspired by a creative but also which forces one to think about it. A Dove ad which emphasizes on a very important topic – Self Image , uncovers a harsh truth about us. Self Image as the name suggests is the Image that you make of yourself i.e. the image you have of yourself in your mind. And this is a very important aspect as the choices you make, the way you behave, your thoughts, your actions are very much influenced by this simple thing. Beauty is not only the external features but is the overall representation of a person. One may not believe but beauty is affected by both inside and outside. This was a simple experiment carried out by the famous personal care firm to find out what we think of ourselves and what we really are. As you can see the results are shocking.

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One thought on “You are more beautiful than you think ……

  1. nuneyabizz says:

    i am a realist, never would i call myself one of the in people. I would never win a beauty contest. I can say without to much pride my hubby of 25 years has not once thrown me out of bed nor stepped out on me with another. The fairytale of commercial beauty is just that a fairytale. TRUE beauty is liking yourself because you don’t fit in. holding your head high and knowing that being just yourself is far more then what others mite think or say. remember that model had to beat out how many others just to get a small part in the commercial fairytale only to be push aside for the next. You are you forever and need no other to give you worth. If you truly want to see real beauty look in the mirror,there is none more real then that.
    I put this on the wrong thread so now i put it where i wanted it

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