When I woke up on first day of this month I didn’t knew what god has in the box for me.Well no one knows.But I knew one thing that I will be in goa after three days and it kind of gave a nice feeling.We had an industrial trip which was for 3 days including one hour visit to goa shipyard to make it an  actual industrial trip.It was the best trip of my life beating the very few others.I came to learn that I am not afraid of water and also air.Yeah, i did parasailing there and  it was the nicest feeling you can have.Still not better than knowing that I have qualified jee and  am now studying in one of  the most prestigious institutions of the world..Another thing I came to know in goa is that pizza tastes extra delicious when you are in wet clothes covered in sand.Anyways ,  It ended pretty dramatically with train being late and lack of buses but somehow we got back to Roorkee.We had one week of classes and after that Diwali week was coming .Diwali is kind of a festival which makes you happy in hour heart,it makes you full of life.I went to home for diwali where it was quite fun with all the sweets and tasty dishes cooked by mom and not to forget burning crackers because thats the part where it all got ruined up.It took me atleast 10 seconds to realize that my hand got burnt.Well,not  exactly sure because no one was noticing time at that point.

The point i am trying to prove is kismat badi k**** cheez hai,, s*** kabhi bhi badal jati hai .Luck or rather life changes and it can change at any moment which we can’t predict but we have to live with it .There come  good times and there come bad times ,all we  have  to do is to live the good time so good that the bad time cannot make us sad.Remember ,,God has a plan for everyone.


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