After a very great conversation with my friend I am finally ready to write another blog and this time I got a tricky one.

PASSION.This single word in the question “What is your passion” has bothered me four or five times in my life up to now and not one time was I able to reply to it because I kind of get too busy in thinking “What is passion“,I mean how do you define it,How would somebody know that they have passion for something or someone and yeah I have asked these questions from others and I have got answers from some “I am the best”  people which would be “you would know when you have it”.Now that might actually be a good answer but for me it is the most irritating answer which makes me feel to punch the one who gave the answer.But hey I never punched anyone for that answer and I don’t know why.

So the point is I decided why not have my own version of it.You don’t know it , then make your own definition.Obviously it is some kind of emotion or I don’t know , kind of a strength or a feeling or something.HELL! and I thought it would be piece of cake for me to define something like that and you guys by now would be thinking Is he crazy??Well, you decide on that and on passion I would like to restrain my version to satisfaction. Yeah,simple,isn’t it?Satisfaction for which you are prepared to cross the line,fight the world and more importantly fight yourself and your fears which by the way are the strongest forces on earth and no Newton or Einstein has yet been able to come up with a law for them.

When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is bornZIG ZIGLAR

A nice little line I found on Google which appealed to me very deep.This in fact for all those like me who don’t know what passion is, is the best answer for our earlier questions and way better than what we get traditionally, in fact much better.For somebody who don’t know where they are going this is actually a life changer.Great job,ZIG whoever you are because I am not really in a mood to Google about you.

Some final thoughts for myself and people like me reading this and also those who are laughing at me while reading this, don’t ruin your life.Search for the things which make you happy,which give you satisfaction,peace of mind and once you find them never let go because only the lucky ones find it.I am still in the quest and best luck to all of you who are searching for it and those who have found it,Keep laughing,I don’t care because that’s really not my PASSION!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “PASSION

  1. rohiniyadav says:

    passion is something is an intense emotion for something says AD alzher. bt actually in a layman’s language it should be our aim when we make our work our passion then nothing else is needed to be successful…

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