So,here I am with my first ever blog after constantly being pushed by my friend to write.I am writing on The Friendship DAY ,hence I thought I would write my views on friends and friendship.

FRIENDS-This is a word without which sustaining in this world is not possible.Imagine Harry Potter without Ron and Hermione.You get it , right?Seems absurd,I know.A friend is someone who will laugh at you,fight with you,snatch your piece of cake but will be there to celebrate your success with or to show sympathy when you fail.Upto here I guess everyone has the same views.The conflict arises at the concept of a True Friend which in my view is a very debatable word.

Here is my opinion about a True Friend.He is someone you love to be around but also sometimes hate to have around.Somebody who instead of showing sympathy on your failures will tell you the harsh truth of your mistakes and will act like you are the biggest idiot of the world.Someone who will celebrate with you whole night on your triumphs but first thing in the morning he will do is to remind you that your success was more luck than your brilliance.There is atleast one person in your life who knows you better than you do.It’s like all of your internal thoughts are convened to him in some 25th century invisible Whatsapp which your mind is using without your consent.Someone who believes in you when even you have stopped believing yourself.

Yup,this is what I think of a true friend.In my life I happened to be very lucky in finding true friends from home to school to college.My sister who has always supported me in all my stupidity,triumphs,failures is for me the greatest of the great friends a person can have.I won’t forget to mention my friend in IIT who persuaded me to write this in the first place whom I consider a person who is constantly teaching me to live life in a better way.

With this i conclude my first blog . Pretty boring huh! Will try more interesting one next time.Oh and yes,

Happy Friendship day!!!!!


One thought on “FRIENDS

  1. pragat says:

    Just awesome..


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